Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Check out Cara's giveaway over at The Quilt Nook http://www.thequiltnook.blogspot.com

Scatter kindness

This stitchery I got out of the" Handmade yearbook "magazine I fell in love with it right away.... the saying is something we all need to do I think our world would be a much better place if everyone would do it... don't you? It's made into a pillow in the article but, I think I will make a hanging out of and hang where everyone who enters my home can see it. Until next time Happy stitching!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Millie's giveaway

Go to http://www.milliesquilting.blogspot.com/ for another great giveaway boy there are so many giveaway's going on I sure hope I win one of them I've sure entered enough of them.... I may have to think about doing one or having a swap what do you think??? Happy stitching!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


The sewing expo was just great this year lot's of new vendor's beautiful fabric's just alot of neat things here are the FG's I bought so many to chose from had a hard time but... I don't have many batik's so here are a few to add to my collection and the beautiful angel pattern from Crabapple Hill it's a 1st. in a series "HOPE" and boy can't we all use a little of that.
I also want to share another giveaway with you sounds like a really nice one http://www.exhibitorsmall.blogspot.com and I'm posting it on my sidebar also check it out
Happy stitching!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Veranda Views block 1

I'm so excited I have block 1 of Veranda view's from http://willowberrydesigns.typepad.com completed now to get busy and get 2 & 3 completed....seems I get the first block of any BOM done then go to something different have to stop doing that and finish what I start...LOL. Tomorrow I'm going to go to our local "Sewing Expo" at Cleveland IX Center I'm looking forward to that they always have great stuff and so many new ideas just what I need more ideas's & projects and of course always spend tooooooo much.... but it's fun so will tell you all about it in next blog till then Happy stitching!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another great giveaway

Here is another great giveaway for you to check out go to http://lavenderridge.blogspot.com and sign up to win this lovely pennyrug by Linda.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New look

Well.... as you can see I got bored with my blog background etc. so decided it was time for a change found a site with free backgrounds http://blo64rt.blogspot.com/ check it out if your due for a change.
There is so much out there to explore, change, create it's hard to stop once you start and I for one like all of them so you will probably see many different changes on my blog but it's fun and we can all use that, so go for it see what you come up with, I'll be waiting to see.
Happy stitching & creating!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Florida getaway

Hi from Clearwater beach Florida.... Iwent to Florida to visit my friend's Bert & Bonnie who are living there now, just a nice little getaway from NE Ohio's cold weather to beautiful warm weather and it was beautiful everyday in the 80's sunny & breezy. Isn't this pelican just the cutest we went to Clearwater to go on a sunset dolphin watching cruise when you see my pictures below it'll give you an idea of how much I love "sunsets" and that's only a few that I took. We went shelling a couple times and I got burnt almost to a crisp think I now have sun poisoning will I ever learn..... hope so!!! I got to go visit some other friends who are retired down there from Maine whom I haven't seen in about 25 yrs. so that was great all in all just nice to get away from everyday life and just have some R&R.

Dolphin swimmingHulk Hogan's houseJohn Travolta's house at Clearwater beach
Until next time Happy stitching!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A great giveaway

Check out http://simplythisthatandtheother.blogspot.com/ she has a really pretty table runner and other neat things she's giving away to some "LUCKY" blogger and I really hope it's me but take a chance for yourself anyway!!

Happy stitching!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Check out my new profile picture

I was surfing the blogs and came upon this one http://vintagephotomakeover.blogspot.com/ and she does old photo makeover's... you send her a photo of yourself and pick out a picture from her selection of photo's and she put's your face on to the photo.

I picked out one that I thought went well with my blog name... Vintage Sandy... tooooo cute not me just the idea!! Check it out yourselves until next time Happy Stitching

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hand embroidered silk scarves

I want to show you the beautiful hand embroiderd silk scarves my husband brought me back from his recent trip to China. The craftmanship is just unbelievable.... and I've included a few pictures he took looking out his hotel room window. He has been quite a # of times and always has many stories to tell.

The front of one hotel

Looking out his window


His bed pretty nice not like home!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I just entered a giveaway over at http://thepaintedquilt.blogspot.com/2009/03/having-fun.html head on over there and enter yourself. It's a lovely hand painted lamp that's she's giving away...

Hettie's hat shop

Here are the before & after pictures of "Hettie's hat shop" she is # 4 in my angel story quilt.... I'm quite proud of myself for having kept going on them because there are other things I have started and haven't finished yet soooo keep thinking good thoughts for me and encourgement goes along way.

Spring is just around that corner Happing stitching!!!!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

First signs of spring

Well, here are the first signs that "Spring" is on it's way here in Northeast Ohio I put a little collage together of things from my yard..... it is a beautiful sunny day and the temp is 63 degrees at 10:30 am little windy but, that's ok. I'm going to start my next "angel" Hettie at the hat shop today so hopefully tomorrow I can post her.
Have a great day wherever you may be and Happy stitching!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tillie the tea lady

I'd like for all of you to meet Charlotte's friend "Tillie the tea lady" pleased to meet all of you, I hope you will all come for tea with Charlotte we have a delightful array of teas for you to try.... tata. Well now that you've met "Tillie" I'm anxious to get started on her other friend's these are so much fun and very easy to do except... I get a little "cornfused" on the applique tracing & applying to the fabric you have to do reverse stuff and I get "cornfused" oh well if it turns out opposite of what it's suppose to be no one will know but me and I won't tell... shhh

Until next time Happy stitching!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An Angel Story

I'd like you to meet "Charlotte the shopper" isn't she adorable she loves to shop just as much as you & I do. I seen this book "An Angel Story" from....http://hatchedandpatched.typepad.com/ it has so many cute angel blocks each one doing something different... will post each one as I get them done. The scissor keeper and the needle threader keeper are made from silk dupioni that I bought down at "Martha Pullen's" School of Art Fashion in Huntsville Alabama and the hat pincushion is made from my stash. If you've never heard of Martha Pullen go to her website http://www.marthapullen.com/ and check it out and if you ever get the chance go to one of the schools it is so much fun and so informative I've been fortunate to be able to attend 4 of her schools and will be going again in July my friend and I go together and really have fun.

These angels just make me happy..... I think this is one project I will complete may take awhile though until then Happy stitching!!!