Saturday, February 26, 2011

Heart cookie cutter!

I had been out antiquing today and when I got home of course I had to check my email and what a nice surprise I had,Alma from had emailed me that I had won this beautiful heart cookie cutter I'd forgotten that I had even left a comment for it...didn't get any great antiques but, now I have this to look forward to using, thanks again Alma I love it!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Done Done Done!

Well finally I have the baby quilt done that I've been working on for my niece took awhile longer because I had to have my machine worked on but, it's done now. I just stitched in the ditch to quilt it but, before long I hope to be quilting on a longarm. For the binding I cut 10" strips of each of the fabric's I used in the quilt and pieced them together. I took a class yesterday at a local quilt shop to learn how to use the longarm so I can actually say I quilted any future quilt's I make. It was fun and I was very nervous but I think it will get easier with time and lot's & lot's of practice for now though this will do. I'm excited to give it to her I know she will love it who doesn't love something handmade with love.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

♥ Prayers for New Zealand ♥


So many faces from other nations

coming to offer their help.

Mothers, sisters, aunts,

fathers, brothers, uncles,

cousins, nieces, nephews,

children are all gone.

Little things are reasons to be grateful:

comfort, a smile, hugs, tears.

The devastation makes us hurt,

it is not for us to question why.

We know You have made a way

for the hunger and the pain

to ease through others

giving their money, time, prayers—

Your will be done!

My prayers go out to all my blogging friends & to all of Christchurch New Zealand God be with each of you on this tragic day!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My mug mat♥

This is what I received from my partner "Rett" from for the mug mat swap isn't it beautiful!!! We were to have them made and sent out before Valentine's Day and I received mine on ♥ Day what a sweet treat. Thank you Rett I love it and the goodies, it's almost to pretty to use but, I will and will be extra careful thanks again Donna your a sweet♥

Mug mat swap!

Donna from had this wonderful mug mat swap and this is what I made for my partner "Rett" she has a young granddaughter who she has tea parties with so I made a mat for her also. I included a sample of Victorian Rose loose tea from our local tea room "Miss Molly's" and a pkg. of napkins thanks Donna for doing this it was alot of fun!