Monday, February 6, 2012

Dresden plates!

I have always loved the Dresden block so I'm finally trying my hand at it the fabric I'm using is "Georgia Lou" by Brenda Riddle Acorn Quilt & Gift Co. for Lecien. The fabric I just love because it's very pastel colors which are my favorites and the plates are fun to make a little time consuming cutting them all out but they go together quickly. I took time out to work on a project that we are doing in quilt guild so this is the only one I've made but, the other project is almost done so will get back at them soon stay tuned for more pic's. The project for quilt guild is going to be alot of fun we're doing a "Row by Row Robin" each person in the "Robin" make a row of blocks any size up to 54" in length then each month we exchange and make a row of blocks the same size as their's  for their quilt then at the end probably in Oct. we will have the reveal and we each sew our row's together.