Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Karen from had this snowman idea for her Tool Time Tues. and I fell in love right then and now so this is my *snowman*. I bought the bottom wreath at Wal-Mart and the 2 others I made out of garland I made the top hat out of cardboard and felt the scarf is a pair of knee length socks, I couldn't find a scarf in the color I wanted and seen these and a scarf was born. He was fun to make and I thank Karen so much for the idea and for sharing it she has alot of really neat ideas go see for yourself!


sonya said...

How adorable is this! Genius!

Marydon said...

G'day Sandy ~ What a darling little fella, he is. Love it!

Have a beautiful day ~
TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Karen's ideas are fabulous! Your snowman looks so cute! I love the broom and the scarf! Nice job!


Star said...

Yes, your snowman looks great. I love the jaunty angle you've put his hat on his head! Great scarf.
Clever idea. Well done both of you.
Blessings, Star

Sew Many Ways... said...

Oh my gosh...yours is too cute. I absolutely love the broom, the corn cob pipe and the hat is perfect. Is that a real top hat. If it's not, it sure looks exactly like one. Awesome!
Thanks for the link too. Have a great day,

Kim D. said...

Your snowman is adorable! Karen always has the best ideas!

Sandy said...

That turned out really cute! Love the "scarf"!