Thursday, April 30, 2009

Daffodil garden

Here is my daffodil garden I took the picture last weekend when the weather was just perfect sunny, 80's and all the daffy's were still beautiful they are now starting to die off and I hate to see them go because then I have all these stems that take forever to die and no room to plant any other pretty flowers.....oh well these have lasted along time and have really enjoyed them.... how do you like the birds "BIG" birdbath (the bathtub) only there's no water in it.... I was just thinking how to make that into a water feature though maybe have a shower attached to it sprinkling water into the tub will have to get DH on to that idea he'll be thrilled!! Yesterday I took a quilt shop hop with our local quilt shop "Fabric Obsession" my first one but I can tell ya it won't be the last unless my DH finds out how much I spent "bad girl" oh well gotta be bad once in awhile.... right?? We went to 7 different shops only had been to 1 of them before so the other's were a real treat.....I'm having friends come next week from Maine and she's a quilter so will have to take her to a few of them what are friends for gotta do our share for the economy!!! Now I need to start on these new projects just what I need more projects, more fabric oh what's a girl to do until next time...

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Duchess of Tea said...

Aren't daffs beautiful!! I love them, there was a poem we learned at school about daffs that escapes me now.
Well, Luv, I love your blog, I love the side photos they are pretty. I just added myself to your followers and added your site to my beau-TEA-ful site that contains all my favorite blogs.
See you at my cottage, drop by for tea!!
Duchess xx