Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Easter Springtime Swap

Okay everyone, I can't stand it any longer....with all the giveaway's and swap's going on I'm going to give a "SWAP" a try....since I'm so new at blogging and all... I hope I can do this right. If you'd like to be in the swap which by the way will be anything related to Easter or Spring whatever you'd like to send just remember "do onto other's as you'd like them to do onto you". Since Easter is just next week the swap will end on 4/10 I will draw names and match you up with someone on that day...Good Friday! Just send me a comment that you'd like to participate and be sure to leave your name, address and email to be notified as to whom you will send to also if you'd post it on your blog to let other's know about it I'd really appreciate it. Please send out your goodies within a week's time if not possible for some reason please let your partner know. I'm hoping this will be as much fun for you as well as for me!!

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Sounds like a Springy idea...count me in.