Saturday, July 11, 2009

A disgrace to our veterans Please help!!

I received an email from someone today that needs to go out to everyone in our "GREAT" country to see...out in the Mojave desert stands a cross on a hill that's been there since 1934 in honor of all the veterans who have died to help keep our country free and in honor of the one's still serving today and "1" individual from Oregon wants to have in taken down because it stands on goverment property thinks it's offensive so the "ACLU" has taken it to court and they have had it covered up until the supreme court rules on it if it should be taken down we need to take a stand on this and prevent this from happening write your congressmen, representatives and everyone please go to this site and sign the petition to keep it standing and watch the video for yourself you will be appalled!
Thank you


Lisa said...

Thanks for posting this I will check it out! You are so right, Freedom is not free!
Hugs, Lisa

Duchess of Tea said...

Thanks for letting bloggers know about this!! By the way you have a lovely blog, I love your blog header, charming
Duchess xx

TattingChic said...

A similar thing happened in the La Jolla, CA area! It is a disgrace that people have to be such poop! I mean that in the nicest possible way, too!