Tuesday, February 22, 2011

♥ Prayers for New Zealand ♥


So many faces from other nations

coming to offer their help.

Mothers, sisters, aunts,

fathers, brothers, uncles,

cousins, nieces, nephews,

children are all gone.

Little things are reasons to be grateful:

comfort, a smile, hugs, tears.

The devastation makes us hurt,

it is not for us to question why.

We know You have made a way

for the hunger and the pain

to ease through others

giving their money, time, prayers—

Your will be done!

My prayers go out to all my blogging friends & to all of Christchurch New Zealand God be with each of you on this tragic day!


sonya said...

God bless them! Prayers are coming from here...

ga447 said...

I am praying for the families of New Zealand, so sad.